Week 11/12 – Presentations


This week was our final lecture and one in which we presented our project to the class and it was entitled “The Consumer Influence of Beauty Vloggers”. In this, we wanted to convey that yes, they do have an influence over buyers by targeting a particular product – FitTea. We chose to analyse 7 girls and 3 boys, asking them a range of questions and showing them two particular videos from two particular vloggers with a wide demographical audience – Liberty Weaver and Lisa Schwartz, both of whom were in support and opposed the idea of FitTea. The results of this shall be later discussed in our final report. We are dividing the report between three of us to write 1500 words and our goal is to have it finished before exams start.

The class this week was quite interesting as we could witness the progress being made between various groups and would provide us with inspiration to things we thought we may have lacked in our project. It also provided us with a chance to ask any final questions before the report was to be made! Class presentations allow you to step out of your comfort zone and I’m proud of myself and the two girls as I feel we did ourselves justice and am very grateful for being able to do it.

Roll on the exams!



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