Week 6 – Pecha Kucha



The normality of lectures, discussions and tutorials took a slightly different approach this week as each group was required to present their idea behind their research topic to the class through the style of a pecha kucha presentation. This provided the class with a chance to witness other presentations, to perhaps extract some sort of inspiration for their own and to lastly, become familiar with what they too are trying to achieve from the project itself. Topics spanned far and wide from the influence that the online community had on the referendum on same sex marriage to consumerism and the effect it has on our online society. As I sat in the audience, spectating the other presentations, it was clear that each group was very in touch with today’s society, making the topics relevant, exciting, easy to relate to and important as each group was analysing something different that tackled an aspect of life.

My group decided to investigate the topic of online consumerism and the effect that it has on our society. We shall evaluate how various brands utilise social media to predict and capitalise upon trends and as such, how these very same consumers become manipulated to participate in this online culture, riddled with brand endorsement by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Charlotte Crosby and more. We planned on carrying out interviews with various people on their experiences with shopping online but as expected with certain projects, this idea may change and adapt to how we see fit. We hope to achieve a diverse result that we can analyse when completing our eventual report!

It shall be very interesting to see the advancement that each group have made on their presentations in week 11 and 12 and see just exactly what they have attained from their studies!



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