Week 3 – The Written Self


The Blonde Salad… Song of Style… Kayture… What do each of these women have in common? Generation Z can ultimately be described as the age that witnessed the evolution of technology and the impact that it would have on society around us. Technology has become quite an integral part to our daily life and has evolved the way in which many people communicate with each other! Chiarra Ferragni, Aimee Song and Kristina Bazan are three women who have capitalised upon the success of digital communication through the power of blogs and have ultimately built an empire of the advancements that technology have provided for them and this success is no different for many other bloggers around the world.


Consider IAmGalla, the female bloggers as mentioned above are renowned for their style and sophistication but Adam Gallagher, the mastermind behind Galla reinvented the typical mould with his own personal twist. As a student with keen interest in fashion myself, I find it quite reassuring that there is a male blogger who also focuses on style and the daily issues in his life as the majority of fashion bloggers are predominantly female. Working in retail myself, I find it very mundane when people don’t know about basic style tips such as pairing off colours or what’s the latest trend of the season, something that Adam has a wide knowledge on!

His blogs are concise, eye-catching and to the point! One such post that appealed to me was his post entitled ‘Years & years‘, explaining how he was returning to visit his childhood friends. The post mixes in style with written content – photos to catch the eye of the reader which shows off his impeccable style and content which keeps the reader interested to keep reading and see what happens in his next blog post.

It’s quite inspiring that Adam Gallagher has built a career off of this, had created his own path in life and grabbed the opportunities that lay ahead, a mantra that many men and women around the world should follow. I would highly encourage you to take a moment to scroll through his website if you are interested in fashion as I assure you that you will not regret it!


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